About Us
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Sabayik Al-Kuwait company for precious metals trade company is the first company specialized in the Kuwait market for precious trade ( Gold and Silver ) Sabayik is seeking to encourage people for investing , saving money and merchandising by providing a products stand which all society sectors starting from the gram to the ton in different international methods and styles that are compatible with Islamic sharia  and the company services are characterized with quality and flexibility and giving priority to trust and safety rather than profitability as profitability of customers will be in the favor of the companySabaik Al-Kuwait company was established in short time but it achieved many success as it has working staff  which combines study and experience and put goals in achieving goals of the customers
Sabayik Al-Kuwait including many specializes sections like
Sales and Marketing Section which including existed teamwork daily from 8 am till 8 pm to meet customers needs of the company products immediate pricing experience  through the Ounce price and rate of dollar transferring  .
Reception & Delivery Section it includes a team work which has experience in all Kuwait regions and its mission is to deliver the customers orders and receiving or delivering gold and with practical experience of metals and ways of checking and changing Executing Instruction Section  it includes specialized teamwork in implementing orders of selling and buying of the company customers through the actual gold amounts and they have experience in following up and implementation according to immediate through local and world marketStudy & Research Section  it including a teamwork which has a mission to provide customers and newspaper or news agencies with all information and data of technical analysis and basic analysis which seek always to provide the correct information at suitable time . 
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